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What is a Massage?

A massage is the act of rubbing parts of the body with your hands, usually to help you relax. Although it is possible to give yourself a massage, and sometimes this may be your only option if the massage is urgently needed, it is usually performed by someone else that you trust.

Swedish Massage

A gentle full-body massage designed for those who are new to giving or receiving massages, want to release tension and muscle knots, and for the desire of a gentle touch.

You will usually have most of your clothes off during this type of massage, how much you remove is entirely up to you, but in my experience, less clothing results in a more effective massage.

A combination of Kneading, Deep Circular Motions, Long Flowing Strokes from your Lower Stomach up to your Heart, and can also sometimes include Vibrations and Tapping, but that is less common.

Usually, when I give a Swedish Massage, it can last well over an hour, sometimes two hours.

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